Friday, February 6, 2009

Peanut Butter Sundae at Fume

I had the Ooey-Gooey Chocolate & Peanut Butter Sundae at Fume Bistro & Bar in Napa just the other day. Just the name alone made me want to order it...ooey-gooey. YUM!!
At first I was a bit thrown with the chocolate-walnut gelato as the base of this sundae served on a slightly curved plate. But in the end, it actually worked well with the whole sundae.
"Oreo" cookies, chocolate dipped marshmallows (little rectangle chocolate pieces) and peanut butter bon-bons (round frosty chocolate covered peanut butter ice cream balls) are all house-made. A little squiggle of caramel and chocolate sauce along with a nice dollop of whipped cream top this whole treat off. The menu had peanut brittle listed as a topping on the sundae. I never found it...would have given this dessert a great crunch factor.
The peanut butter bon-bons have great peanut butter flavor and a nice creamy texture. Loved the chocolate covered marshmallows, gave the sundae a fun texture and great goo factor.
Fume Bistro & Bar is located just a little upvalley in Napa. 4050 Byway East at Wine Country Avenue.


  1. That gives me a stomach ache just looking at it. And that ain't no dollop! Did the shower of powdered sugar add to the dish? Desserts like this make me a little cranky (yes, everything make me a little cranky.) What's the point of training as a pastry chef if this is the standard?

  2. I think it looks good. Why does a dessert need to be fancy and not just kick ass?

    I think in this economy not only does desserts like this will thrive. Back to basics and I bet it makes me feel like there is VALUE to what I am getting for my money.

    Annie - How much is such an item?

  3. The Ooey-Gooey Chocolate & Peanut Butter Sundae is priced at $10.
    I am pretty sure they do not make their own ice cream/gelato. Which would make me think they would charge slightly less for it. Less labor involved. All the other items were house-made like the marshmallows, "oreo" cookies and they probably hand dipped the peanut butter bon-bons. Most likely used the peanut butter gelato supplied to them. Ciao Bella is the brand they use, I think.

    It was a perfect size to share with a friend. I could have finished it all on my own though. haha

  4. Sara and I had that for dessert on my birthday and I must say I loved the peanut butter bon bons but I loathe walnuts so it ruined the whole thing for me! If people are going to put nuts in a sundae they should say so!