Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cookie Biz - The process

First steps...figure out what you need to start a cookie business in California.
Well, it is NOT a short list of things to do.
You need to choose a business name.
Hmmmm, that should be easy. So, I started to think about names.
Annie Baker's Cookies
Annie's Cookies
AB Cookies
The Baker's Cookies
the list goes on and on.
Then one day I was chatting with my friends who own a beautiful bed and breakfast in downtown Napa and they mentioned Annie B's cookies would be perfect for me.
I liked it. So, I was going to name my new buisness Annie B's Cookies.
Yippee!!! Now you need to do a search on the Internet to make sure it is not taken by another business. I searched and searched, found some Annie B's confections that existed in Buck County, PA. And thought, well, it is not Annie B's Cookies, so let's go.
I was all set and then a really good friend of mine brought me a caramel she found at Vallergas Market and it said, Annie B's Caramels. AHHHH!!!!!
I was bummed. I typed that into the search engine and ther it was...a Minnesota based candy company. Problem was they did not have a website, so I never saw any information pop up on them. I decided there has to be a better way to research this name thing.
I went to the trademark and copyright website and started searching for my new name...Annie the Baker. It did not exist. Wahoo!!!
I deemed my new company name, Annie the Baker.
So, once you figure out the name you quickly go to and purchased the domain name for a small annual fee.
Then it was off to the county clerk to file a fictitious name report (also referred to as Doing Business As)for $20 and to the local newspaper to have them publish the fictitious name report for 4 weeks in the paper. That was $73 for the 4 week ad. EEKS!!!
Now onward to find someone to help me design a logo for Annie the Baker.
This is fun!!


  1. Hi Annie, this is great news that you're starting a baking business. I expect you may begin with cookies and eventually add many more fine bakery products. Think you will do any mail order? Seriously would like to order some whenever you're doing that.

    Plans to include peanut butter cookies? Peanut butter and chocolate chips? Some of my favorites!!

    I look forward to a lot more updates on your business! Here's to the best cookies out of Napa Valley...

  2. Hey John!!!! I am starting with 4 cookie flavors and then going from there.
    Semi Sweet Chocolate Chunk
    Toffee Milk Chocolate Chip
    Peanut Butter with Mini peanut butter cups
    Oatmeal Double Chocolate Chip

    I am focusing on the Farmer's Markets around the Napa Valley for now...and then working towards the online sales and such. So good to hear from you!!! Thanks for your vote of confidence!!